Adult Bible Class Material

Adult Bible Class Material

Habakkuk Study


Before each class, try to read the book in one sitting.  It should take less than 10 minutes.



  1. What do we know about Habakkuk?


  1. When did Habakkuk prophecy?



  1. Describe the political and spiritual state of Judah and the world at the time.



  1. What is different about Habakkuk compared to other books of prophecy?


Habakkuk’s Complaint (1:1-4)

  1. What is Habakkuk’s complaint?


  1. Is this complaint unique to Habakkuk?


God’s Answer (1:5-11)

  1. What is God going to do about the situation?


  1. How are the Chaldeans described?


Habakkuk’s Second Complaint (1:12-2:1)

  1. What confidence does Habakkuk show in God before voicing his concern?


  1. What puzzles Habakkuk about God’s answer to his initial complaint?



  1. After expressing his concerns, what does Habakkuk resolve to do?

God’s Answer (2:3-2:20)

  1. What is Habakkuk told to do?


  1. Who is warned at the beginning of this section?



3) Upon whom are woes pronounced?


Habakkuk’s Prayer (3:1-19)

  1. What does Habakkuk ask the Lord to do?


  1. What mighty works of the Lord does Habakkuk recall?



  1. What was the purpose behind those works?


  1. How does Habakkuk express his confidence in Jehovah despite his fear?