Adult Bible Class Material

Adult Bible Class Material

Zephaniah Study


Before each class, try to read the book in one sitting.  It should take less than 10 minutes.



  1. What do we know about Zephaniah?


  1. When did Zephaniah prophecy?




  1. Describe the political and spiritual state of Judah and the world at the time.



Judgment (1:1 – 1:18)

  1. Who is going to be judged?  Why?



  1. How thorough would the judgment be?




  1. How is the day of the Lord described?



Call to Repent (2:1-3)

  1. Were they without hope?



  1. What were they told to do?



Judgment on the Nations (2:4-2:15)

  1. Upon whom is judgment pronounced?  Why were they being judged?



  1. How does he describe the desolation that will result?




  1. In this picture of doom, is there a glimmer of hope?  For whom?



Judgment on the Tyrannical City (3:1-8)

  1. What city are we talking about?


  1.  Why were they going to be judged?




  1. What do we learn about the nature of God in this text?



Salvation (3:9-20)

  1. What would Jehovah give the people?  Why?


  1. From whence would the remnant come?



  1. Why would there be joy for the remnant?



  1.  What should be learn from the book?